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Funny tweets!

Love this article on daily affirmations for people who hate daily affirmations!

Living in these maxi dresses right now! Great for pregnancy too!

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40 books to read before you turn 40!

50 healthy living tips!

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5 signs your misbehaving kids could be insanely successful!

Story on Blake Lively when she was still  in highschool!

10 ways to give. Check this out.

Saying thank you are two of the most important words! Here you can read 11 amazing thank you’s.

10 things you should never wear when traveling abroad.

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Drink your carrot juice and here is why!

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10 blog posts EVERY new mom should read! GO here!

6 tips for my single girlfriends!

Did you say chocolate chip zuchini bread?

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If you havent already, check out this show. Its addicting! Im watching all the episodes on Netflix.

This show is crazy, Naked and Afraid. We have seen a couple episodes .What do you think?

What a cute little guy!!!

Dating trends we really hope go away!

Art easels for kids or adults!

Whenever I need a good laugh, I always return to this cute video!

50 simple outdoor activites for kids.

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